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Made in Colorado - Free shipping on orders of $100 and above.
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The wound of racism runs deep in America. Pick at the Bandaid that tries to conceal it and you’ll find pain, raw and fresh, beneath.

The brutal killings of George Floyd, Philandro Castille, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arberyoff weren’t the first reminder of this uncomfortable truth. Or the second. Or the thousandth. But they exposed yet again that progress towards civil rights is excruciatingly, unforgivably slow.

It's not enough to hashtag a movement or put a sign in the yard or shake our heads and mutter how terrible it is.

We need to act.

We need to do.

We need to root out the hate and injustice and police brutality that grow in the shadows and out in the open.

As a country we need to make a systematic response to systematic racism and violence. Shift the balance of power.

As a company founded by two white people, we know that the privileges afforded to us have provided opportunities that others haven’t had. We want to put those opportunities into action.

We’re starting with a pledge to:

  1. Donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that support BIPOC communities and individuals.
  2. Prioritize hiring and working with people of color.
  3. Educate ourselves and our team without expecting Black people to do it for us.
  4. Enact a policy of zero tolerance for racist behavior and microaggressions.
  5. Use our social media platforms to provide a voice and visibility to people of color.
  6. Support and help elect local, state and national politicians who don’t just advocate for systematic change, but have a plan for making it happen. 
  7. Support Black-owned businesses.

We founded Thriving Design as a Benefit Corporation. We’re committed to building community and furthering change. We know it’s just a start. We want to do and be better. And we’re ready to work.

 What are we missing? How else can we help?

 We’re listening.

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