Made in Colorado - Free shipping on orders of $100 and above.
Made in Colorado - Free shipping on orders of $100 and above.
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This is the obligatory C-Bite disclaimer to request that any of our discerning customers exercise caution in using this horticultural hardware.

Please keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.

The C-Bites are intended for use in your garden or greenhouse. Be careful when using the C-Bites and don't force them, they have hard edges and are made to fit easily together. It is well advised to use gloves to prevent cuts and scrapes.

In case you choose to use C-Bites for any purpose outside of horticulture, please share with us how you use them, and be careful.

We are not responsible for the outcome of said use - They should not be used for mountaineering, sky diving, spelunking, bullfighting or for any other such related or unrelated activity including but not excluded to sewing or crochet, taxidermy, concrete work, or tree-house building.

These little parts are to be used at your own discretion and at your own risk and we hope you enjoy them and stay safe from #killertomatoes.